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BC.GAME has officially become Cloud9’s official partner! A new partnership is formed to offer BC.GAME community the opportunity to be part of the growing iSports community led by Cloud9. On top of holding the title of Crypto Casino of the YEAR, BC.GAME is set to support Cloud9 on all CS:GO related initiatives while continuously aiming for to take home the next iGaming titles.

Cloud9 is recognizable because of its participation in the League Championship Series and League of Legends. The organization is home to top-level esports players around the world. It’s such an honor to be connected with a legendary organization while bringing significant change to iGaming and eSports.

A New Era of eSports and iGaming

Have you ever imagined eSports and iGaming colliding and forming one huge podium where both communities can interact with each other?

Well, welcome to the new era of eSports and iGaming where crypto casino meets online video games! The new partnership of {0} and Cloud9 is a great start for a new digital gaming revolution. Technology is evolving, so is iGaming with {1}!


Cloud9 Official Partner

After establishing a relationship with Cloud9, BC.GAME is set to expand by connecting to other communities in the Sports and Gaming industry.

Be part of the growing community. Soon, BC.GAME, Cloud9, and other major names in digital gaming will come together and offer more utilities to players and fans.

A New Era of eSports and iGaming

With Cloud9 & BC.GAME partnership, there are huge events in the future where the BC.GAME community can participate in major giveaways like merchandise raffles, Crypto giveaways, and more. As part of the existing relationship, BC.GAME will be supporting Cloud9 all the way through all its CS:GO events. More activities will be revealed, so make sure that you’re part of growing BC.GAME ecosystem!



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